Delicious food and drinks in Brussels

I love food and coffee, and I like to discover new places and dishes. I always enjoy drinking coffee and eating in a cafe or a restaurant. So, I have found some interesting and nice places where to eat and drink in Brussels.


The first place which I was introduced with by my relatives was a Greek place ‘Mykonos’ (Rue du Marche aux Fromages). It offers delicious Greek pittas and other traditional dishes, and even serves on the plates if you do not want to or cannot eat bread/pitta. The place has nice wall paintings and the staff is really friendly.


In front of the Greek place, there is a bar ‘Little Delirium’ which is one of the most popular places where people go to have drinks in the evening. But the most popular place, in my opinion, is a small street (Impasse de la Fidelite) in the old town where many bars are located, also Delirium and Delirium Café. Those bars are connected and spread through the whole buildings – many floors up and even down in the basement. In the day time the street is quite empty and quiet, but in the night, it turns into a packed and loud spot for people to enjoy the nightlife.

Peck 47

Peck 47

One of my favourite places in Brussels is a quite local place in the old town called ‘Peck 47’ (there are other two similar places somewhere in the city with a bit different name). They have delicious coffee and food, and there is an amazing atmosphere which just makes you to return there. It is a small place, so sometimes it is packed full, but as anywhere else, there are moments when it is totally empty.

Goupil le Fol

My friend from Brussels showed me one unique and magical bar in the old town called ‘Goupil le Fol’. All the rooms are covered in paintings, flags, pictures and other old things which give an antique feeling. Plus, they serve interesting types of wine such as raspberry, cherry, walnut and other kinds of wine. I really suggest visiting this place, it is mind-blowing, and I totally recommend the raspberry wine – it is just delicious!



I like Japan a lot and I want to visit it one day, and my best friend feels the same, so we found a Japanese place ‘Samourai’ in Brussels centre. They serve freshly made ramen and other traditional Japanese dishes. It was really tasty and the portion was big, and I could not eat it all. It was my first time eating ramen and I was happy that we found this place.

Belgian waffles and French fries

Drug Opera
Drug Opera

Of course, the most popular things to eat in Brussels should be French fries (which actually come from Belgium) and the famous Belgian waffles. And it is true! Everyone should taste the amazingly delicious Belgian waffles and perfectly made French fries. There are a lot of booths in the old town where you can buy these things, and it actually does not matter that those are made for tourists, because they are still delicious. For example, all those waffles with strawberries and hot Nutella, just heavenly. That kind of waffles I usually order at the ‘Australian’ booth (one is located next to the Grand Place on Rue de la Colline).  However, if you happen to be close to the Parliament or the Parc du Cinquantenaire, I can suggest one French fries’ booth ‘Maison Antoine’ (Jourdanplein) where locals go to get French fries. Although, the real Belgian waffles come from Bruges, there is one place in the Brussels old town which serves something similar. The place is called ‘Drug Opera’. It serves a lot of different foods and the interior inside is really interesting and maybe old-school, but luxurious. When I was there with my best friend, we noticed that a lot of elders were fond of that place, however I cannot say that it is a place meant only for them, but also for young people. I think it is a place worth visiting.

Theatre Royal De Toone

Another interesting and unique place in the old town is the ‘Theatre Royal De Toone’. There is also a cafe and a bar, and I think that mostly locals go there since it is hard to find the place, because it is in the backyard. I was sitting there once in the backyard with my relatives, and they even had chickens there wandering around. It really was something out of place, especially if you think that it is in the old town. There were not many people because it was the middle of a day, but there might be a lot of people in the evening, and I will go there once again when I will be in Brussels.


If you are a coffee lover or maybe just a Starbucks lover, and you do not have a Starbucks in your country, then there are three places where the Starbucks is located which I remember. One Starbucks café is located in the Grand Place in the old town, another one is found in the Central Railway Station, and the third one is in the Schuman Metro station.



The last place I want to mention is also one of my favourites. It is a healthy food restaurant or a cafe which serves also a lot of different kind of smoothies. It was previously called ‘Guapa’, but now it is known as ‘Bon’ (although I have seen its booth in the Charleroi airport with the previous name). They have the best smoothies I have ever had, and each time I go to Brussels I go to this place to get one. So, if you are interested in healthy food and smoothies, you should try this place.

To sum up, these are the places I have visited and would suggest to others. Although, I try to discover more new places when I travel to Brussels, I always want to go back to the previous ones, because I really enjoy eating there.

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